About Us


What We Do

The Clarinda Foundation, Inc. was organized in 1986 and is a publicly supported, tax-exempt “community foundation” and grant-making organization serving the greater Clarinda area. We provide our donors the maximum tax benefits of charitable giving. With our donors’ support, we continuously strive to:  

Provide financial resources to support local projects.
Assist donors to formulate and achieve their philanthropic dreams for ongoing good.
Make charitable giving simple, efficient, and effective for donors.
Create a deep and lasting positive impact on the quality of life in and around Clarinda.

Our Mission

The Clarinda Foundation is dedicated to cultivating philanthropic resources that will nourish a healthy and vital community for all people of the greater Clarinda area today, tomorrow, and forever.

The mission of the Clarinda Foundation is to:

  • Encourage private giving for public good,
  • Build and maintain permanent endowments to respond to changing community needs,
  • Serve as a catalyst and resource to effectively respond to community needs, and
  • Provide flexible tax-exempt vehicles for donors with varied charitable interests and abilities to give.

Our Vision

The Clarinda Foundation envisions a successful locale made up of safe, thriving, and diverse people, supported by a strong and active charitable sector that is essential to our quality of life, and motivates public involvement through philanthropy.

Our Values

The Clarinda Foundation believes that communities are healthy and vital when:

  • They are welcoming to all and community members support and care for one another.
  • They have the capacity to succeed.
  • They are sustainable.

Our Community

Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

The Clarinda Foundation has numerous funds established by people who care about their community and who want to “give something back”, or who wish to honor or memorialize someone. These funds make it possible to meet a wide array of community needs now and in the future. Although the funds are kept separate for accounting purposes, the assets are generally combined for investment so that even the smallest fund achieves financial returns improved by the economy of scale. Further, the Foundation participates with regional charitable organizations enabling high quality professional investment guidance at lower expense. Assets are distributed under the guidance of well-informed board members who know which organizations best meet community needs. Flexibility, local support, tax advantages, long-term stability, expertise in financial supervision and grantmaking, proximity, and integrity makes community foundations, including the Clarinda Foundation, the fastest-growing segment of American philanthropy today. We respond swiftly and purposely to local needs, and endow community priorities for decades into the future.

The Clarinda Foundation enables people like you to establish charitable funds. We make it possible for you to make certain your money serves your specific charitable purposes. By being locally managed, we reflect the priorities of our community. We are proud to serve as a catalyst for specific community initiatives or projects.

Board of Directors & Staff

June 2023 – June 2024

Beckie T. Finch

Executive Director

Gail Wallin

Administrative Assistant

Jessica Hoppmann

Marketing Assistant

Bobbie Jo Allbaugh

Board of Directors - President

Scott Brown

Board of Directors - Vice-President

Mark Walter

Board of Directors - Treasurer

Beckie T. Finch

Board of Directors - Board Secretary

Cynthia Alvarez

Board of Directors

Luke Cox

Board of Directors

Eddie Lisle

Board of Directors

Ann Meyer

Board of Directors

Renee Riedel

Board of Directors

David Sperry

Board of Directors

Ashilyn Sunderman

Board of Directors

Pallin Turner

Board of Directors

Jim Varley

Board of Directors

Josh Wyman

Board of Directors