The Clarinda Foundation Grant Applications for 2018 will be posted on the Foundation’s website ( effective April 2nd.  Applications can also be obtained at the Foundation Office located at 114 E. Washington Street.  Organizations applying shall have been deemed a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity, educational institution or government entity within the greater Clarinda area. If you are an Iowa nonprofit entity, but not federally certified as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, you may apply with the approved use of a Fiscal Sponsor that has the certified 501(c)(3) designation.  This Fiscal Sponsor will act on your organization’s behalf for this grant application and request. In addition, the organization’s governing board must approve all applications prior to submission. (NOTE: PUBLIC LIBRARIES, FIRE DEPARTMENTS, COUNTY EXTENSION, COUNTY CONSERVATION, FAIR BOARDS, ETC. ARE AMONG THOSE THAT REQUIRE A FISCAL SPONSOR.  IN THESE CASES, THE CITY OR THE COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS MAY BE USED AS A FISCAL SPONSOR.)

The deadline for submission of the 2018 grant application is 3:00 PM, May 17th.  Applications mailed must be postmarked no later than May 17th.  If you choose to personally deliver your application please take note of the Clarinda Foundation’s hours of operation:  Monday-Thursday, 8:30 AM-12:00 PM and 1:00PM-3:00 PM, CLOSED ON FRIDAY.

Since the establishment of the Clarinda Foundation in 1986 approximately $865,000 has been awarded throughout the greater Clarinda area.  Executive Director Pam Herzberg states “A significant number of community projects have been made possible throughout the years due to the grants that have been awarded through the Foundation.  Many individuals are unaware of the fact that had it not been for the Clarinda Foundation, amenities they enjoy, community beautification projects, activities and services they participate in would not exist, or at least not exist as they do today.”

The Clarinda Foundation Board of Directors is asking that all organizations interested in applying review the following eight qualities of exemplary proposals when considering making application:

  1. Energy.  The proposal bristles with enthusiasm, urgency and passion.  It suggests a group of people who can barely contain their eagerness to begin working. The Board members as readers want to feel inspired and excited by the organizations plans.
  2. Expertise.  The proposal’s authors should know what they are talking about.  Their plans reflect a deep understanding of the problem they are addressing.  They are aware of similar efforts that have been undertaken in the past.  Their theoretical knowledge is tempered by time-tested experience in the field.  They inform their practice with solid theory and continue their own professional development despite the demands of their daily work.
  3. Commitment.  The proposal reflects the organization’s genuine priorities rather than being one of many programs it is currently juggling.  The grantseekers demonstrate their willingness to invest their own unrestricted resources in the project.  Rather than moving on to a new endeavor in the near future, the organization is committed to continuing the project.
  4. Clarity.  The proposal is clear about what the organization wants to do, why it is important and how it will be carried out and evaluated.
  5. Collaboration.  The grantseeker has informed alliances with other organizations to advance their mutual goals.  The people served by the proposed project have participated in its planning.  All involved parties appear more interested in getting results than carving out turf.
  6. Benefits.  The organization is less concerned with underwriting its own needs than improving society.  The project’s goals are indisputably worth striving for and the target group is appropriate.
  7. Comprehensiveness.  The problem’s complexity is matched by the sophistication of its proposed solution.  The grantseekers’ thinking reflects a comprehensive strategy, rather than a piecemeal approach.
  8. Effectiveness.  A well-designed, ongoing evaluation reflects the group’s commitment to getting results.  The project has the potential for achieving a wider impact if it is replicated elsewhere in the future.

Herzberg also shared “The Clarinda Foundation is able to award these grants with funds that have been contributed to the Clarinda Foundation through bequests and individual contributions.  Individual contributions include: establishment of a fund with the Foundation; participation in the Foundation’s Share with Clarinda program; memorial gifts to the Foundation’s Book of Honor; or undesignated contributions to the Foundation.  We are here for our community and the residents.  The Board members and I look forward to visiting with individuals to discuss the different options in which they can give back to their hometown through the Foundation with the contribution of a tax deductible gift.”  To learn more about contributing to the Clarinda Foundation please contact 712-542-4412 or e-mail

2018 Grant Application-available by clicking the link below or by stopping into the Clarinda Foundation office in person during business hours Monday through Thursday 9 AM to 12 PM and 1 PM to 3 PM.  The Grant Application is due to the Clarinda Foundation office by 3 PM on May 17th.  

2018 Grant Application – Fillable PDF

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